Additional Services


VISA PR Services

You have employees in countries we operate but you do not have the staff or the experience to carry out all the administrative procedures for them or their dependents.

GenTa International will provide PR services:

  • Visas for your employees
  • Visas for their dependents (family, maid)
  • Subscriptions (Health Insurance, Telecommunication, etc) and miscellaneous services (car rental, etc)

Desk Services

Allowing your collaborators to work with the best conditions to operate, GenTa International will provide desk services. You will beneficiate from fully furnished workspaces with all facilities and wide range of services depending on your needs.

Depending on countries of operation, we can either offer a workspace at our premises or rent a dedicated office on your behalf for your collaborators


Duty of Care

Your international deployment requires you to comply with legal and regulatory obligations to protect your employees. Thanks to the system put in place by its security partner, GenTa International offers you tailor-made services:​

  • Training: Before their mobilization abroad, we can prepare your employees and their families through face-to-face or e-learning training (eg: risks related to international mobility, protection of information, intercultural management, crisis management , etc.)
  • Information: Provision of a 24/7/365 monitoring platform that generates alerts with advice on how to act and provision of constantly updated “security” country files.​
  • Geolocation: Platform allowing you to locate and stay connected with your employees whenever a mission requires it.​

International Mobility

To be deployed internationally can be a challenge for your collaborators when it comes to move in a new country.

Through our International Moving Partner, we can fully manage your international mobility: planning, packaging, shipping, customs, delivery, installation.