Our services are intended for different types of customers:

  • Companies wishing to develop internationally but first by deploying their activity via consultants, to test the market, before opening their own structure.
  • Companies wishing to reorganize internationally but while maintaining their activity via consultants who remain locally established.
  • Companies present locally, having reached their quota of available visas but who wish to increase their number of consultants without changing their structure (license, premises, etc.)
  • Companies present locally but wishing to outsource all or part of their human resources management
  • International companies whose core business is the placement and deployment of international consultants.


Alongside regional, national and international companies, we regularly work in the following sectors:
  • assistanat Assistantship & Secretariat
  • assistanat Automotive
  • assistanat Insurance
  • assistanat Audit and accounting expertise
  • assistanat Bank
  • assistanat Accounting
  • assistanat Strategy / Organization Consulting
  • assistanat Energy, Water and Environment
  • assistanat Engineering
  • assistanat IT & Telecommunications
  • assistanat Marketing & Communication
  • assistanat Fashion and Luxury
  • assistanat Transportation
  • assistanat Foods