Our company supports its clients in the implementation of pragmatic manpower outsourcing solutions in Middle-East & Africa region: Recruitment, Wage Portage, Mission Visas, Visa PRO Services, Payroll Management.

Employer of Record

We manage the full HR lifecycle of your employees while you focus on operations

Having Operational Presence Without Restrictions

STEERING RESOURCES employs under its sponsorship (that is to say under one of its structures and under its full administrative responsibility) your employees so that they have residence permits and work permits in due form. In addition, we can assist in identifying profiles to recruit your employees.

Our clients call on the services of STEERING RESOURCES when they need an operational presence in a given country and in the following cases:​

  • They do not have a physical presence in the country (branch or subsidiary) and do not want
  • They wish to reorganize internationally and close their entity in a country while keeping the employee (s) operating in that country​
  • They just have a local representative or liaison office, so they are not allowed to do direct business.​
  • They have reached their visa quota under their license and to avoid changing with a higher cost, they prefer to outsource part of their workforce (more specific to UAE)​

Straightforward Social & fiscal Framework

When we employ your consultants under our sponsorship, the fiscal and social framework is always clearly defined:

  • Your company remains the employees’ “primary” employer and they have the legal right to exercise their activity in an operational manner on your behalf.​
  • We are the “administrative” employer for the Ministry of Labor and the employees have their visa / employment contracts under our sponsorship.​
  • The employees have a local contract (compulsory and the amount of which is determined on the average income level of the country) and, when necessary, a second contract in their country of origin.​
  • We manage their payroll and any additional payments (expenses, commissions, etc.)​
  • We pay the authorities all taxes and charges related to this employment when applicable​

Single Or Split Payroll

In countries subject to the payment of social charges, we leave our clients the choice of a single or double employment contract for their collaborators.​ ​

With a local contract only:​

  • Your collaborators receive their total salary locally,​
  • It is easy to set up, ​
  • Salaries will be fully taxed and charged locally. ​

​With a local and an international working contract, it is possible to optimize the local tax and social burden. The split payroll allows:​

  • To pay locally a salary amount, consistent with the technical position held, that will be taxed locally, and,​
  • To pay the remaining salary amount, consistent with the administrative position held, that will be paid to the consultant in his country of origin / choice and then taxed accordingly (i.e. in his country of residence).​