Temporary Work Permits

Allowing Your Collaborators To Travel For Business

One of your projects requires having one or more of your collaborators to carry out a mission for a short period of time. GenTa International will provide them with a work permit and a working contract, in accordance with the labour law.

This service for temporary work permits (i.e. Mission Visa in the UAE) is usually provided without payroll management as the collaborator remains under his primary employer internal payroll and at the location of his principal assignment. This service is requested in the following situations:

  • Foreign companies without set-up in the country of operation: Your collaborator must hold a local work permit to deliver his mission at the end-client premises / sites
  • Companies with local set-up but the collaborator is contractually employed abroad: You are not holding an operating licence allowing you to provide temporary work permits to those collaborators even if they are working for one your abroad company’s entities.